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UltraSurf 12.08

UltraSurf 12.08
Nov 30, -1
Submit date:
Dec 18, 2012
File size:
1.8 MB

Browse the web without leaving personal traces

by UltraReach

UltraSurf is a small app that works as a secure filter when you're browsing the web, preventing the browser from saving information such as history of visited sites and cookies.

Easy to use and works cross-browser

UltraSurf doesn't require installation and can be run from a USB memory stick, which makes it perfect to carry around in your pendrive and use if you need to browse the web from a public computer. It works on both Internet Explorer and Firefox, encrypting all of your internet activity so that third parties can't trace what you have been viewing or doing online.

The only drawback to UltraSurf is that it is not easy to see if the application is working properly, and as the default browser is Internet Explorer, it's hard to know if UltraSurf is doing its job when you switch to an alternative.

With UltraSurf you can now browse the web in a completely safe way without leaving any traces behind you.



OS requirements for UltraSurf:

  • Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
  • Download UltraSurf

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